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sheri celentano


Hey, Sheri here! I'm a Brooklyn born woman with a passion for all things movement and music. Since March of 2020, I teach yoga from my home with SoulFULLSolutions. Prior to COVID 19 , I would travel nationwide & internationally for workshops, performances, festivals, conferences, and teacher trainings. I've worked all over the US, Korea, Vietnam, Germany, England, Holland, England, Belize, and Mexico!


Over the last 15 years I've created signature FLY and Prenatal workshops and have co created 300 and 200 our teacher trainings. When I teach, I infuse my classes with my years of practice to create a safe space for my students to let loose, shake free of inhibitions, and to challenge themselves on a physical and emotional level.


As a teacher my mission is to help people find courage, strength and compassion for themselves and others, so we may all live passionately and peacefully.


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