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Move and Groove


This is my signature movement class! This Dance Class is for all people at all levels. We will start with yoga and warm ups to prepare the body, then we take it across the floor with fun energetic dance movements that encourage participants to be themselves and truly enjoy the space they are in. We laugh, we jump, we even shout sometimes! We close class with a cool down that brings all the pieces together of why movement is medicine. Dance and Yoga, you cant go wrong… participants will leave flying high and oh so free!


**Can be accompanied with live drumming for an extra fee**



Yoga Blues 


My husband Johnny Holleran and I have joined forces to create a dynamic, spiritual experience of yoga and music. I bring the Lotus Flow Soul and Johnny offers deep soulful singing and solid earth energy through his guitar. This project has been across the States! From Bonnaroo Festival to Canadian Yoga Festivals to small group classes to youth centers; music and yoga bring harmony to your very being! Allow us to transport you into a world of movement , sound and depth. 



Mythology of the Asana: More than a Side Plank


This is a fun and insightful class designed to learn discover alignment and quality. Often when we master an aspect of a posture, we feel pleased with our ability but what happens when we understand the qualities of asanas like Vasisita, Garuda, Visvamitrasana is magical! The myths behind the legendary shapes are so exciting!  This workshop is to help you find the physical and mythological architecture behind the poses. Artfully sequenced we will move into the practice step by step, preparing the body, heart and mind to open up to all aspects of the practice.



Chakra Flow Workshop


"Chakra" can be defined as energetic discs or wheels, and we will check in with the 7 Chakras often associated with the yoga system, reclaiming our rights associated with each Chakra. Through the asana and meditation we will explore some the basic functions, emotions, behaviors and asanas associated with each Chakra.  



Moving into the Lotus Workshop


Lets move into the waters of the hips hips hips! Sometimes stagnant, other times gushing… we look to balance this area to explore the full potential of energy that is waiting to be released. If your hips feel locked OR super open this workshop is for you!  We  will dive into how to safely and courageously open all parts of the hip to make our way into a seat that is appropriate. Ecstatic Lotus Flow will set the stage then we will slow down to hold postures, move deep and breathe big to navigate the area of the hips. 



Festival of Hearts Workshop


The Heart Opening Workshop is guaranteed to break open the wisdom, courage and compassion of the heart. Learn to trust the body to find your way into your back  bending practice with ease and grace in a way that is suitable for your own body. We will focus on the power of the legs and core to deepen out level of trust and foundation so that we feel ready to blossom through the heart. We will work on bows, wheels, scorpions and more. 



Stoke the Fire Workshop


Come in from the cold and into your HEAT! Your potential energy (Kundalini) takes form as the element of FIRE. Let us gather and spark the flames by engaging in an asana practice peppered with arm balances, twists and inversions. No matter your level there will be something for you to practice in this workshop designed to get you heated and inverted. Remember you have to stat where you are! We will practice jumping and floating into handstands, variations on crow, jumping into crow as well as core and wrist exercises. Our breath will guide us into this practice of living fully!



Lotus Flow Workshop


This workshop combines the essence of rhythm and breath, by incorporating challenging asana while inviting you to be truthful in your body, so that you can connect honestly to the moment and your physicality without causing injury. In this workshop we will rock the Lotus Flow, soaking in the divine sequencing which includes standing poses, arm balances and inversions, backbends and forward bends. Poetry and chakra tuning threaded in throughout our time together will deepen our experience as we create a sacred space to meet ourSelves on the mat.



Kali Stomp Workshop


This is a third chakra focused lotus flow class designed to get the fires flaming and your body moving. We will dive right into the image of Kali as the Fierce Goddess KALI-DURGA style. You may even stomp and scream. Think big warriors, core work, arm balances and inversions! Then we will move towards Kali in the form of the compassionate mother as we begin to move toward heart openers and then eventually into nurturing hip-openers and forward bends.



Quiet Shiva Workshop


Shiva as the mediator. We will take this Lotus Flow class a little bit slower, moving in the direction of moving meditation. Slowing down the breath using the wisdom that is innate in our breathing. Starting with a seat and pranayama to set up our slower flow. We will have a challenging and focused practice to bring us back into our seat at the end of class. 



Lotus FLY Workshop


Lotus FLY was created as a class where Laughing Lotus students could safely work on their inversion and arm balance practice within the FLOW. It is a class designed to break down inversions such as handstand and forearm stand so they can be integrated into your personal practice. We also work on arm balances and transitions, such as koundinyasana into astavakrasana, eka pada galavasana into koundinyasana, sisrasana b into urdva kukutasana. The steps get broken down so that you may practice and strengthen your inversion practice. 



Lotus Mama: Prenatal Empowerment Training or Workshop


A training for Yoga teachers to implement prenatal yoga in their classes for private sessions. So often we have women at different stages in their pregnancy in our busy classes. How can we guide them in safely throughout their journey of motherhood? This training is designed to give you the tools to enable Mama’s to get their yoga on, stay active and feel safe in class! 


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