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myisha priest

professor of language, nyc

During my first class with Sheri I learned how to live a full life. Thanks to her gentle and affirming nature, Sheri’s classes have allowed me to embody the full journey. I chant, I move and I sweat through the cycle of awakening, self-awareness, and growth. No matter what, we always dive deep and come out closer to ourselves and to something greater than ourselves. Sometimes we laugh in class, sometimes we cry. Sometimes we focus so strongly and hold so thoroughly that we cannot laugh or cry, but only be present in the moment with our selves and each other. I have left classes with shaking legs and I have left with a shaken heart. I have left flying high, and I have been utterly changed by the lift-offs that take place over time and can be so subtle you only know that you’ve flown once you land in different place.


Sheri is at all times both teacher and eternal student, lighting the way into yoga through the depth of her own exploration. From that place she brings together immaculately chosen stories, chants, songs and asanas into layered webs of meaning. With her I have learned not only precision in postures and the poetry of the body.


One of the many things that sets her apart from other teachers is how much I take out the door with me when I leave her classes. When I listen to the dharma talks at the beginning of class and see how those themes run through the practice, I learn to know that I too am moving among the myths—that my tiny life story links in some way to the eternal, the sacred and the mystical. 


After years of practicing with Sheri, I can say that her classes are reliably miraculous. Something amazing always happens in the room and in me. 

jamie silverstein

owner of the grinning yogi, seattle + portland

Sheri teaches yoga from her bones. She's an empowering person to start and excels at curating not a mere class but an experience. I've booked Sheri for trainings, retreats, workshops, mentorship and staff development and cannot recommend her more highly! In everything she shares and how she is as a professional, you can tell that Sheri lives (and loves!!!) her practice. Sheri is grounded, authentic and maybe just *a bit* magic. 

debbie li

non-profit CFO, nyc

Healer by nature

    Transformative through nurture

         She is Sheri-Ma.

richard pietromonaco

chef & restaurant proprietor, nyc

Sheri's Fly class is an invitation to play, explore, rise and fall in a safe, fun and nurturing eveviroment. She takes going upside down seriously and brings her best to every class and to every student. As a handstand enthusiast, I immediately felt Sheri’s passion for teaching and community.


Her knowledge and wisdom of the yoga practice runs deep and I enjoy the journey she takes me on during class. Her authenticity will captivate you and leave you eagerly awaiting her next class. Not to mention, her playlists ROCK!


justine ma

brand and marketing, nyc

I took Sheri's Hip Opener Workshop when I first started practicing yoga and that was a game changer for me. Sheri's laughter is infectious, her positivity is radiant and her ability to break down big concepts (that were foreign to me) are unparallel. Sheri's workshops are incredibly powerful and it changed my practice significantly. 


denise cordivano

head of battery park city nusery, nyc

Sheri has taught yoga and cultural dance at Battery Park City Day Nursery since September, 2007 to children who are 12 months to five years old.  She is able to engage the children and encourage them to try new moves without pressuring them. About 40 children see her each week and she remembers all their names.  Since she has been with us so long, she is also able to greet siblings.  Although yoga and dance classes alternate each week, Sheri will "read" the group and combine the activities, as needed to keep the children interested.  The children respect her and class management is not a problem for her.  We have also found her to be flexible; if the school schedule changes she has been able to accommodate us.  Sheri has an extremely positive attitude and is dedicated to her craft.  Yoga is not simply something she does, it is the way she lives her life, which makes her a very special person.


mariell ehlin

graphic designer & teacher, sweden

In Sheri's classes you always feel safe and inspired. Her experience and love for yoga shines through in her teaching. Sheri has a genuine teaching style with creative sequencing and a contagious sense of humor. Working with Sheri is always a joy. She's fun and genuine, lots of laughter and a transparent sincerity. Sheri has helped me believe in myself and my work. She encouraged me to find my own unique voice.

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