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pre-natal and post-natal

privates & trainings

How do we approach our practice when pregnant? How do we make shifts through the trimesters? What is safe ? How about after labor and delivery? After surgery?

These are all questions I had when I got pregnant in May of 2015. Blessed now with a baby boy, I learned SO much while pregnant and am continuing to learn as a new Mommy.


While pregnant I did a training with Mia Borgatta, who has incredible experience with prenatal yoga. I suddenly find myself passionate about sharing what I have learned through my experience and study. More and more pregnant women are showing up in my classes and they need direction.


  • Learn how to practice safely for each trimester

  • Use of Props

  • Breath and Vocal Work

  • How to Stay in an Active Flow Practice 

  • Restoratives for PreNatal

  • Post Natal Yoga

  • Individuality within the Practice

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